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We’re proud to deliver superior PVC roofing installations, PVC roofing solutions, and high-end, long-lasting results to businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest.

When it comes to residential and commercial roofing systems, there’s a dizzying array of options. Most people know about shingles, concrete tiles, and metal. Another option is polyvinyl chloride, which is designed to withstand the tests of time.

Safeguard your structure with a high-quality PVC membrane from Washington Roofing Company. They’re built tough and resist the most challenging weather conditions and chemicals.

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PVC roofing explained

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a single-ply membrane utilized as a roofing solution. It’s made of two layers, and polyester scrim is added between layers to offer support and flexibility. The membrane is very malleable, enabling it to be easily modified for different rooftop sizes and shapes.

Hot-air welded seams are a significant benefit of PVC roofing systems. Seams welded with hot air can form a watertight and permanent bond that can be stronger than the membrane itself. This enables the PVC roof to become exceptionally durable, resilient, and impervious to moisture.

PVC makes for an excellent roofing material for buildings with flat and low-slope roofs, most of which are commercial or industrial. Here are the reasons why:


PVC is designed to outperform and outlast other roofing materials. The American Society of Testing and Materials, or ASTM, requires all roofing membranes to have a minimum breaking strength of 200 pounds for every inch. Roofing membranes made of PVC have an average minimum breaking strength of 350 pounds per inch, far exceeding the ASTM standard.



PVC roofing membranes have heat-welded seams that produce a watertight bond, making them extremely strong and resistant to degradation. This roofing system doesn’t rely upon tapes, adhesives, or caulk for sealing like shingle and tile ones.

Wind Resistance

PVC roofs are incredibly wind-resistant, capable of withstanding up to Category 3 hurricanes. They are heat-sealed, which eliminates gaps for wind to enter and create lift. This roofing system is a smart choice for buildings in regions that experience intense winds.

Fire Protection

PVC roofs are tough to ignite and are resistant to harmful oxidation reactions. Topping your structure with a PVC roof adds a layer of fire protection to your home or business.

Chemical Resistance

A lesser-known threat to the lifespan of shingle, tile, and some metal roofs is chemical damage. It’s a result of exposure to human-made products, acid rain, and decaying matter. PVC roofing, on the other hand, is resistant to chemical damage.

Many roofing materials are considered low-maintenance, but they can degrade prematurely from exposure to the elements. Metal roofs can rust, wooden shakes are susceptible to rot, and asphalt shingles experience granule loss after some time. These issues do not impact PVC roofing systems.

Need a Re-Roof?

We offer free written estimates for roof replacement projects.



Should you repair or replace? Our commercial roof inspectors will evaluate and determine the years left in your roof’s life. Use the results of our inspection to help make the best decision for your building.


We offer high-quality commercial roof maintenance services to protect the longevity and aesthetics of your building. Our roof maintenance program includes roof inspections, repairs, and gutter cleanings.


Leaky roof? Storm damage? Don’t let roof problems limit business operations. Our commercial roof repair services are efficient and effective. We’ll help keep your building running smoothly and your occupants safe.

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“Washington Roofing completed the job in one day and came back later as we requested to install the gutters. If you need waterproofing they are definitely the ones to call.”

– Shelly C.

“I am so grateful to have a roof over my head that is keeping me dry and our house sound. Thank you Washington Roofing Company for taking care of my property as well as our rental properties.”

– Marika F.

“The workmen were very friendly and worked diligently in heavy rain to tarp the roof. Before they left they showed me photos they took of problem areas of the roof. I was very satisfied with the quality of the work and how quickly they responded.”

– Frank C.

We ensure minimal impact to the daily operations of your building through:


Careful Preparation

We protect sensitive landscaping and arranging unobtrusive parking for our crew.


Impact-Reducing Equipment

We bring all the tools needed to avoid using your building’s power sources or facilities


Considerate Scheduling

We’ll work around a schedule that fits your needs and use odor and chemical-free materials.


Thorough Clean-Up

Our crews execute a careful clean up process to ensure they leave no trace.

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