Commercial Flat Roofing & Installation Portland, OR

Choosing your new roof or replacing an old one is a big decision. You can count on the experts at Washington Roofing Company with the installation of a new commercial flat roofing in Portland, OR or the flat roof installation/replacement of your existing structure.

Benefits of Commercial Flat Roofing, Portland, OR

A pitched roof comes to mind for most people when discussing what’s atop a home or business. If you look around, many structure roofs are flat. These roofing systems are equally effective, but often more versatile and affordable.

Better protect your building with commercial flat roofing in Portland, OR, or flat roof installation from Washington Roofing Company. Able to stand up to harsh weather and economical to install, flat roofs are an excellent choice for commercial, multi-family, and industrial applications.

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From flat to pitched roofs and residential to commercial — we do it all! Contact us today for a free written estimate on quality, cost-effective commercial flat roofing, or flat roof installation or replacement in Portland, OR or any surrounding areas.

What is a flat roof?

A flat roof is, well, basically just that. It’s either nearly flat or has a low pitch. While sloped roofs typically have shingles overlapped like fish scales so water slides over them, a flat roof is a continuous surface designed to perform optimally and maximize usable space.  

There are three major classifications for flat roofs: metal, plastic or rubber membranes, and tar-based. Although suitable for single-family homes, flat roofs are perfect for multi-family, commercial, and industrial uses. Typical structures with this roof type include:

  • Hospitals
  • Apartment buildings
  • Schools and universities
  • Warehouses
  • Condominiums
  • Storage facilities
  • Factories
  • Industrial sites
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Stores
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Transportation buildings

Flat Roofing Advantages

The most significant advantage of a flat roof is the cost. From materials to installation, flat roofs typically are less expensive than traditional ones. The flat surface lowers injury risks, reducing labor costs. Repairs are quick and easy.

Another benefit of flat roofing systems is the ability to serve many functions. Air-conditioning units go on the roof instead of the ground, saving space and protecting against theft or vandalization. Flat roofs can also support solar panels that lower electricity usage.

Since flat roofs don’t have a steep pitch, they’re easy to walk on. You can have a rooftop lounge area, employee breakroom, or storage area. Uses for commercial flat roofing systems are limitless.

A flat roof also maximizes all available interior space. Without the sloped walls of pitched roofs, top-floor spaces, or finished attics are possible.

Get an estimate today on your commercial flat roofing, or flat roof installation or replacement needs in Portland, Oregon or surrounding locations!

Types of Flat Roofing Materials

From superior weather protection to enhanced usability, flat roofs are a popular roofing solution for commercial and industrial buildings. Before making the jump, it’s important to consider all available flat roof materials for all your commercial flat roofing needs in Portland, Oregon or and of the surrounding areas.


Comprised of steel or aluminum, this roofing system is incredibly durable. When properly installed, a metal roof can far outlast the structure it supports. As excellent conductors of heat, they’re ideal for colder climates. Roof panels lock together, preventing moisture, debris, and pest intrusion. Although suitable for flat-roof applications, metal is more beneficial for structures with a minimal or low-slope roof.  

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, or EDPM, membranes

EPDM is an extremely durable roofing membrane comprised of synthetic rubber. It’s lightweight, flexible, and perfect for flat and low-slope roofs. These membranes resist wind, hail, ultraviolet light radiation, thermal shock, and extreme temperatures. The entire surface of EDPM has an adhesive coating, which keeps roofs watertight for years.

Built-Up Roof, or BUR

Comprised of hot tar and gravel, BUR is one of the most affordable flat roof systems. It’s constructed of waterproof ply sheets sandwiched between layers of hot tar. Gravel or smooth river stone adds stability and durability. BUR roofs are incredibly fire-retardant but very heavy, which adds stress to a building. This roofing system is inappropriate for some applications because installation is messy and molten tar has a strong smell.

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, membranes

These membranes are constructed from a continuous filament lattice called a scrim, which is laminated with ultraviolet light-resistant thermoplastic. PVC membranes are lightweight, flexible, and flame-resistant. Seams are welded together, eliminating leaks and interior dampness. These attributes cut down on areas where mold and other fungi could grow. Some PVC membranes use two-way venting, which reduces trapped moisture.

Washington Roofing Company is a proud installer of Duro-Last, the world’s leading PVC roofing system. It’s strength, durability, and weather-resistance offers peace of mind while saving money over the long run.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin, or TPO, membranes

TPO is a single-ply membrane manufactured from polymerized polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber. Easily bendable and weldable, it’s perfect for roofs with odd shapes, obstructions, or protrusions. A lightweight but robust construction offers superior resistance to punctures, tears, and impact forces. This roofing material’s white color reflects sunlight and heat, reducing the amount of energy required to keep a building cool in hot climates. TPO membranes repel bacteria, algae, and dirt. They can also withstand ultraviolet light and chemical exposure.


Flat roof services

Washington Roofing Company has decades of experience installing and repairing high-performance residential and commercial flat roofing systems throughout Portland, Oregon, and Washington. Every situation is different, which is why we offer a free onsite inspection and custom, client-tailored flat-roofing solutions

Client satisfaction is paramount. When our crews visit your business, here’s what you can expect: 


  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism 
  • Timeliness 
  • Knowledge
  • Experience 
  • Detailed approach 
  • Easy-to-understand, straightforward answers 

Our local roofing experts can determine whether your existing structure’s flat roof needs repair or replacement. Additionally, they can assess your conceptual design or under-construction building to establish whether a flat roof is best.

With Washington Roofing Company, flat roof repair and flat roof installation is a snap. An evaluation is performed, and the issue is found. In most circumstances, repairs and maintenance won’t disrupt your business.

When a new roof is suggested, flat roof replacement is quick and easy. In some cases, the new flat roof materials can go atop existing ones.

Our flat roof installation Portland, OR crews are responsive and quality-minded. Even if your home or business isn’t in the greater Portland area, we’re happy to install your new flat roofing system.

Contact us to learn more about our flat roof solutions.

Referrals have always been our primary source of new business, and we are proud to have a reputation our clients can pass along.


Careful Preparation

Your property won’t be affected by our work. We cover landscaping and arrange parking for our team.


Impact-Reducing Tools

We come prepared for the project — from equipment and power sources to bathroom facilities.


Considerate Scheduling

We’ll work together to pick the best time to complete our work to avoid disrupting your home life or business operations.


Thorough Clean-Up

Our crew will clear the worksite and leave your property spotless! Our goal is leave no trace… except for your new roof.

“The installation crew was fantastic- they arrived consistently at 7:30am every day and stayed late to see that the roof was finished as quickly as possible (and before the snow hit two days later). The crew was the most professional work crew we’ve ever had on our property in 16 years, and super friendly too.”

– Cora C.

“It is so comforting when I hear the downpour of rain on my roof that we no longer have to worry about leakage. I highly recommend this company to anyone who has roofing issues. They are very professional.”

– Chris E.

“Installed my roof and was extremely satisfied. The crew was professional, respectful and cleaned up after the job was complete. I would recommend to anyone.”

– Cat S.

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