Meet the Washington Roofing Company Team

Family Owned & Operated for 3 Generations. Meet our Certified Roofing Consultants & Contractors

Scott Daniels

As president of Washington Roofing Company, I believe in providing our clientele with the highest quality service and expertise. By fostering the principals of safety, quality and production we guarantee the successful outcome of every project at all levels.

“Let us show you the pride and dedication that we deliver with every project.”

Jesse Wells

“I strive to assist our customers with the same quality, service and professionalism that I expect when I am the customer. Because of my 16 years of experience as a roof inspector with Duro-Last, I bring a level of distinction to my work at Washington Roofing Company. Having satisfied customers is an endeavor of mine every working day.”


Eric has been in the roofing business for over 20 years. In that time he has worked at every level of Washington Roofing Company. This knowledge base paired with experience of roofing, design, project management and estimating is conveyed in the success of the company. He is a family man with two children and considers his family to be his greatest achievement. Eric takes great pride in his work, knowing that what he builds will last for 20-40 years. Success for him is knowing people are getting their needs met.

“I am willing to do what it takes to do right by my community, vendors, business and most importantly my family.”

Virginia Carlson

Virginia Carlson is the Administrative Manager of Washington Roofing Company and ensures that all the wheels turn in our office. She was drawn to working with Washington Roofing Company because of our strong family ties and dynamics. Virginia is a proud and happy grandmother who plays and smiles with her grandkids every chance she gets!

“Talk it and walk it. Know it and show it. Live it and give it. Be a good human, even when no one is watching.”

Mike Williams

Mike knew he wanted to be in the construction industry at an early age and joined Washington Roofing Company during its second generation of ownership. He has worked with Washington Roofing Company since 2000. During that time he has worked at every level in the company. This knowledge base paired with his experience as a Senior Project Manager means Mike has you covered. You can count on him to meet you at your job site to discuss roofing solutions and he will take it from there!

“In the pursuit of perfection, we attain excellence! Either I will find a way, or I will make one!”

Bethany Neeley

As an Administrative Assistant, Bethany works alongside our office manager and company president. Her day-to-day life as an administrative assistant includes a multitude of tasks such as assisting with billing and payroll, answering your calls, drafting roofing proposals, and ordering permits. Administrative Assistants are typically outgoing and friendly people who work well with many personality types, which Washington Roofing Company can say is definitely true about Bethany.

“You can count on me to care about your roof, from repairs to replacement. Your roof is our roof.”

Walter Ramsey

Walter Ramsey has worked with Washington Roofing Company for over a decade. He is a man of the outdoors and loves staying busy whether it is with his two beautiful young boys and beautiful wife or out in his shop working with large slabs of wood.

“I pride myself in my work ethic! Everyone is responsible for their own success. The sooner you accept this and integrate it into your work ethic, the sooner you will be successful.”

Jonathan Thompson

Bio coming soon…

Harold Washington

Harold Washington former owner of Washington Roofing Company has 40 years of roofing experience. Harold works part time as our roofing consultant, roofing estimator and supports the roofing employees where needed. Mr. Washington highly values lending a helping hand in his community and does so through mentoring and charitable organizations.

“I’m going to install your roof just like I would install the roof on my home, my business, my building. With the highest quality I can manage.”

At Washington Roofing, safety is always our number one priority. The very first thing our crews do when getting to a job site is a risk and hazard assessment during the team meeting. By identifying risks and hazards and following OSHA regulations we ensure every project gets done in a safe manner. Our team members are our business, without them, Washington Roofing would not be. We adhere to safety regulations for the well being of all our installers, the quality of our installations, and the satisfaction of our customers. 

“The installation crew was fantastic- they arrived consistently at 7:30am every day and stayed late to see that the roof was finished as quickly as possible (and before the snow hit two days later). The crew was the most professional work crew we’ve ever had on our property in 16 years, and super friendly too.”

– Cora C.

“It is so comforting when I hear the downpour of rain on my roof that we no longer have to worry about leakage. I highly recommend this company to anyone who has roofing issues. They are very professional.”

– Chris E.

“Installed my roof and was extremely satisfied. The crew was professional, respectful and cleaned up after the job was complete. I would recommend to anyone.”

– Cat S.

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